Welcome to Coffee Mama! We were founded on the idea that amazing coffee and chill vibes can change the world for those around us. Our goal is to create a bewitching atmosphere, serve up amazing coffee, and affect positive change for those in our community.

about us

We are a coffeehouse specializing in dark roast pour-over coffees. The pour-over brewing process creates a superior drink that eliminates the common burnt flavor created by traditional brewing methods. Our process, combined with dark roast beans creates a smooth, chocolatey, rich cup of exceptional coffee. 

We also have the full range of espresso drinks, including lattes, mochas, americanos and more. Our attention is on pulling rich and smooth shots of espresso to delight our customers.

In addition to coffee and espresso drinks, we offer tea and pastries from a local bakery.

As important as consumables are in any great coffee shop is the atmosphere. Our space is artist designed to create an enchanting vibe that will be a meeting spot for creatives, dreamers, and community members.

Owners, Rachel Thiesfeld and Brandon Androes, have years of experience in artistry, creating spaces, food service, and coffee culture that all come together to be the driving force of Coffee Mama.

our mission


Coffee is just the beginning.

As much as we are inspired to bring our customers an exceptional drink we are also a driving force for positivity in the community. We believe that when people from all walks of life come together, magic happens. That’s why we aim to be a beacon of light for our friends in the LGBTQ+, BIPOC, women-led, and underserved communities. 

Through events, speakers, and advocacy, we believe we can bring our community members together and affect positive change.


2121 South McClelland St, Suite 105, Salt Lake City, UT 84106